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Product stories for Shopify

Just install the app, push an Activate button and watch all your product pages convert to AMP and Google story formats.

Activate to convert

Embed widget

Analyse conversions

Activate to convert all products to amp pages

Once you install the app in your Shopify store, you will be redirected to the Settings page of the app where you need to choose your template and just activate the app.

What happens when you activate it?

Starts converting your product pages in an AMP

Creates a Google Story format for each product page

amp stories ecommerce benefits
convertor of webpages in amo format

Get AMP pages in mobile search, automatically

No need to do anything on this step. Just search for your product page in Google and look for the AMP signal. 

Why is this important?

Better positions, higher traffic
Instant loading speeds, better user experience

Publish interactive story widget on product pages

Each product page gets it’s own widget

Story layout optimized for conversions

Options to change layouts

shopify story widget
story widget for shopify

Give option to customers to buy directly from the shoppable widget

Increase conversions by giving your customers the option to buy directly from the widget by simply clicking the CTA button. All CTA buttons directly send the customers to your store’s checkout. 

Analyze effects: traffic and sales data

Understand the effect of product Stories. Analyze conversions, clicks and views. Use the dashboard to see the most viewed stories or the ones with most clicks.

analytics for amp stories in shopofy

Google is passionate about AMP web stories. You should be too.

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