Frequently asked questions

Answers of the most asked questions about AMP and Web Stories

  • What is AMP?
  • AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages, developed by the AMP Open Source Project initiated by Google, provides a new open-source HTML framework that aims to improve mobile web browsing and help web pages load faster.

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  • How is AMP helping my business?
  • AMP provides a new and more accessible framework for companies to convert their websites in a fast and engaging format. The main benefits are:

    Fast loading web pages

    Lower bounce rates

    Higher CTRs in Google search results

    Better user experience

    Improved conversion rates.

  • What are Web Stories?
  • AMP different types of use cases, and one of them is the format called Web Stories. Web Stories are an equivalent to the famous Snapchat, Instagram, or TikTok vertical story format, and is a response from Google to help every page content gets this slide-click-through format.

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  • How will Web Stories help my business?
  • Google identifies pages built-in Web Story format and gives them better placements in the Discover tab on mobile, Images and adds an image in a larger form when displayed in the regular search results. The best is the fast load and the immersive view of the web stories, which can apply for marketing content or even product page showcases.
  • Do I need any technical skills to use AMP?
  • Well, yes. You need to have a background in JavaScript and HTML to adopt AMP for your website. But, there are plenty of apps on the market that can do this for you. ProductStories is one of them, and it is one of the most comprehensive apps for Shopify and converting product pages into AMP, only with an install of the app.
  • How does ProductStories work?
  • ProductStories is built exclusively for Shopify stores, and like any other app, you will need only to install and activate it. The entire conversion of the pages into AMP is seamless, so that you won’t need any code adjustments.

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  • How long does it take for Google to list the AMP pages?
  • According to Google’s guidelines, the Google search results’ changes depending on how often the Google crawls index your website. It usually takes a few days, but if you think it took longer for this to happen, please contact us. To check that your pages in a valid AMP format, you can use the AMP validator tool in Google Console. 

  • Is ProductStories compatible with every Shopify theme?
  • Yes, It identifies the product pages in any Shopify theme and creates an AMP version of that page. So, in general, the actual theme has no impact on how the app works.
  • Can I control which product pages of my store are in AMP?
  • At the moment, the app converts all product pages. And you can choose classic or modern themes for the Web Stories look.
  • What if I add new products or change existing product details?
  • The app identifies the changes and applies them in the AMP versions on each product update or adding a new product.
  • Are there any templates available in ProductStories?
  • Yes, currently there are two themes you can choose from, modern or classic. Upon request, our team can look into customizing more themes for your needs.
  • How will ProductStories help with SEO?
  • Unofficially, Google is giving significant advantages to search results that load fast and have lower bounce rates. When using ProductStories, your product pages will instantly get a higher push in the mobile search results, thus improving your SEO with higher CTRs and traffic.
  • How will ProductStories help me increase my conversions?
  • ProductStories provides a unique theme of your AMP pages. It showcases the essential product images and descriptions and gives an excellent spot for the call to the action Buy button. When clicked, the customers are redirected directly to the checkout page of the product. A simple flow that leads the customers to purchase faster.
  • How can I measure the performance and results? (analytics)
  • In your app dashboard, you have an overview of the clicks and views for each AMP page. You can compare and get more details on which pages are more successful in converting your customers.