As AMP for Shopify is becoming the new buzzword in eCommerce, many app developers caught the wave of the AMP project. They wasted no time to create apps and plugins that will meet the need for a nimble shopping experience for customers and more traffic and higher conversions for online retailers.

We tested dozens of Shopify AMP apps from the Shopify app store that promise to convert your pages into an immersive AMPed format that loads fast and ranks your shop higher in Google mobile search. 

We wanted to check out their AMP converter and see how a Shopify store can benefit from it. 

Here is a list of the best AMP apps for your Shopify store:

  1. ProductStories
  2. Superchargify
  3. Shop Sheriff
  4. Ampify Me
  5. Fire AMP
  6. RocketAmp

The main benefits that these AMP apps provide are:

  • Improve the performance of your Shopify store on mobile devices, dramatically
  • Create fast-loading pages that load per 1 second (on average)
  • Boost your SEO efforts thanks to Google’s mobile-first indexing
  • Improve your conversion rates and drive sales with sticky ‘Add to cart’ and ‘Buy’ buttons that fasten the checkout process
  • Engage customers in a fresh new and unique way and lead to lower bounce rate

Yup. All of them are developed to help you grow traffic and sales for your Shopify store. Most of the apps work very easy and just by activating your Shopify pages will get an AMP version that will show in Google search result with a lightning bolt icon.

 It’s up to you to decide what works best for you.

Enjoy exploring!

1. Product Stories: AMP Pages and Widgets

product stories for shopify

Free Trial: Forever free up to 25 active Story widgets

Price: Starting at $9/month for bigger shops.

I am starting this Shopify AMP apps list with Product Stories, the app our team has been fully dedicated to developing in previous months. 

The app comes as a response for all online customers that want a superb mobile experience while shopping and all the online retailers that are open up to try innovative solutions like AMP to craft a better customer experience than will, later on, turn into traffic and sales. On top of that, we used the familiar web stories format to catch users’ attention.

How can ProductStories grow traffic and sales for your Shopify store?

  • AMP Converter for Product pages that fits any Shopify theme
  • Floating Story Widgets for every product page that load the AMP format of the page
  • Complete Analytics Dashboard that shows your KPIs progress
  • Fully dedicated customer support team at your disposal

Once you install ProductStories, you need to activate the app with a click of a button in order to start generating AMP URLs for all of your product pages. And while you were wondering how to figure out your way through the app, it has already transformed your product pages into the fast-loading AMP format that users can shop directly from.

From there, you can change the template of the page. You can try the Modern or Classic AMP Layout and on your right side, you can preview how it looks.

productstories Shopify settings

The main goal of ProductStories goes beyond converting all product pages to AMP, automatically. 

It also converts Shopify Pages in Web Stories format, so your shop will get both, AMP website pages and also Web Stories pages.

Additionally it provides you with an option to publish a floating widget that when clicked, loads this AMP version of the product page. The widget will appear in the bottom right corner of every product page, giving users a familiar Story experience they are already used to engage with.

amp widget for Shopify

A comprehensive dashboard with all the info you need about your AMP Pages and AMP Stories views and clicks is part of the package, too.

For more detailed info on how to get started with ProductStories, check out this step-by-step Shopify Installation Guide.

2. Superchargify AMP, PWA & more by Superchargify

superchargify shopify app

Free Trial: 15 days

Price: Starting at $9/month

As Shopify gets an even more competitive platform for online retailers, every second delay for a website to open, and every negative user experience counts.

As a solution to it, Supercargify uses the following approach: AMP + PWA = conversions 

As mentioned above, AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and PWA for Progressive Web App. Thanks to the AMP technology, this app allows your Shopify web page to load instantly so customers can save a lot of time shopping in their shops. 

On the other hand, PWA delivers an app-like experience to users. So using the PWA function, your customers can install your Shopify store as an app on Android and iOS.

How can Supercargify grow traffic and sales for your Shopify store?

  • Provides complete AMP + PWA solution for your store
  • Helps you craft customizable AMP pages (products, collections, blog posts) that match your branding
  • Allows you to create an App Shell for your non-AMP store to load faster
  • Option to use your AMP pages as landing pages on Google Shopping Ads

If you go with the free version, you can only select to use the AMP option. From there, they navigate you to choose one of the following options to AMP – Products, Collection pages, and Blog posts. Please note that with the free version, you can only choose the AMP products option. 

There is a simple dashboard with basic options to configure the look and feel of AMP for products. Here, can change the product, collection, and vendor name, position, color, inline review style (the app automatically detects review apps that you are using for your store). 

You can add a product page link and play around with the style of price and cart buttons. While you are modifying the product page, on your right side you can preview how the changes applied to look like.

With the paid plans, you can customize your AMP store even further with Custom CSS, use your AMP pages as landing pages on Google Shopping Ads, or speed up your AMP sitemap to reduce the load time to appear on the Google search.

3. AMP by Shop Sheriff

shop sheriff app for Shopify

Free Trial: Forever free for AMP products

Price: Staring from $9/month

I was looking for more advanced options I can get for free when I encountered the AMP app by Shop Sheriff.

How can Shop Sheriff’s AMP grow traffic and sales for your Shopify store?

  • AMP your Home page, Products, Collections, Blogs, and Pages
  • SEO-friendly URLs to ensure your AMP pages rank the highest
  • Integrates with 11 Shopify product review providers
  • Shows related products to your visitors

They welcome you with a simple tutorial on what you can expect from the app. Next, they guide you through step by step. First, you need to upload your logo and then proceed to the AMP theme they have prepared for you.

Yes, I was worried too that this AMP theme could interfere with my existing theme settings, but there is a note that says that this AMP theme is separate from the original theme, so there is no need to worry about it. Good. 

Before you start customizing your theme, they let you choose your pricing plan. Please note that with the free plan, you can only AMP your product pages.

Once done, you are ready to create the page that fits your brand best. Here, you have the options to change the colors, typography, breadcrumbs, link the page to your social media profiles or website, add cookies consent, etc. The AMP theme comes with additional options like a quantity plus/minus button.

4. AMP by Ampify Me

ampify me Shopify app

Free Trial: Forever free for unlimited AMP views and products

Price: Starting from $9.99/month

There is another app also named AMP, developed by Ampify Me. It has a similar menu to Supercharigy (at first, I thought I accidentally downloaded the same app twice). 

But, it showed that it has a variety of things you can choose from, starting with 7 AMP themes in the free tier (100+ in total). 

How can the AMP app grow traffic and sales for your Shopify store?

  • Simple AMP editor with 100+ AMP themes to choose from
  • Transforms your Products, Collection list, Collection details, Blog list, Blog post, Shopify Pages into fast-loading AMP format
  • Cheaper ads due to the fast page speed as a determining factor in Google Ads Quality Score 

Once you install the app and choose your AMP theme, it navigates you to select the page you want to transform to AMP. 

You can choose from Products, Collections, Blogs, Articles, Pages. Within the free plan, you can only use the Products section.

The dashboard is really simple and intuitive. You can play around with the header and footer, change the CTA buttons under the product, product description, or add some custom content, etc. In parallel, on the right side of the dashboard, you can preview your changes.

There is also an option to publish (or unpublish) specific types of pages to allow search engines to index them.

5. Fire AMP by MLVeda

fire amp app for Shopify

Free Trial: 15 days

Price: Super success plan for $7.99/month

Fire AMP seems like another AMP converter, except that it has the friendliest approach I’ve ever seen when you install an app.

The first thing you see once you install this app is a note from Amrish, the CEO of MLVeda. He personally welcomes you and helps you set up the app on your store.

How can Fire AMP grow traffic and sales for your Shopify store?

  • Simple and intuitive AMP editor
  • Option to add product reviews from 5 reviews Shopify apps
  • Real-time AMP page views statistics

It all starts with uploading your logo. Next, you can choose a theme for your AMP pages.

They provide you with 10 free themes of Shopify. Once you choose your theme, proceed to create your AMP pages.

A few seconds after, your AMP pages are ready and you are able to preview how they look. Sure, there is an option to customize them to match your brand colors.

6. RocketAMP by Rocketamp

rocket amp for Shopify

Free Trial: 14 days

Price: Starting at $9/month

RocketAMP comes with a more technical greetings message. They welcome you with a preview of what your Shopify site would look like when it becomes AMP compliant. 

At first, you may find yourself shocked cause this is not what you imagined your AMP page to look like. But, they clearly explain that this is just the most basic version of how AMP looks, and it won’t go live until you modify it.

How can RocketAMP grow traffic and sales for your Shopify store?

  • Completely integrates your website with AMP
  • Improves your Shopify store mobile performance to be up to 4 times faster
  • New and updated pages are accordingly updated to the AMP version of them
  • Conjugates with previously installed apps, automatically

Next, they navigate you through this huge dashboard where you can make the changes to your AMP site so that it looks more like your main Shopify theme. Here you can try out different colors, fonts and more to see what they will look like on your AMP page.

While you are modifying it, it doesn’t show any custom integrations. Those components are added later to make it much closer to your current mobile version and much faster, too.

When you are ready, you can proceed and activate your site so that your customers get an instant page load.

Please note that in the free plan, RocketAmp is only in preview-only mode.

To activate RocketAmp for your customers, you need to click on the green Activate button at the top of the page and select the plan that best fits your needs.

To sum up

If possible, we recommend you to give it a shot to every app above. Although they have pretty much the same functionalities, all of them will provide you with a quite different AMP experience.

You may never know what app will get the most value for your Shopify store if you don’t try many of them.

Please note that we are constantly updating this article with new AMP apps, so feel free to reach out to us if you want to add another AMP app for Shopify on this listing.