Shopify products as story pages

E-commerce tool that lets you stand out in Google search by showcasing your products in Web Stories formats, allowing your customers to shop directly from there.

amp stories app for Shopify

Build on both: Google web stories and AMP website format

Product Stories is a all in one solution that converts your Shopify product pages in AMP format and at the same time in Google Story format.

amp converter

AMP Convertor


Improve search ranking son mobile, automatically. 

google web stories

Google Story Creator

For content

Your new content creation tool for better engagement.

story widget

Story Widget

For Conversion

AMP experience on desktop optimized for conversion.

Why ProductStories?​

One of a kind Shopify app to instantly increase traffic and conversions with AMP story widgets.

SEO optimized, high Google rank

By converting all your Shopify product pages in AMP format, they will instantly gain better mobile search positions.

Fast loading, low bounce rates

AMP is the latest Google technology allowing websites to load at much higher speeds

Immersive, direct conversion

The story format is already a proven layout for giving users a more interactive space for engagement  

shopify product stories sales benefits
convertor of webpages in amo format

Shopify AMP converter

Smartest and fastest way to convert your Shopify product pages into AMP version pages and make sure they rank higher, especially in Google mobile search.

amp story in google search results

Google web stories

Index your product pages as Story formats in Google search and witness the higher engagement and conversion you will get from users.

In action: AMP story widget

Get the visibility your products deserve by showcasing them on your website with an eye-catching AMP Story widget, unique for each product page.

amp product stories video
Play Video

Create. Analyze. Grow.

activate shopify app

Easy to setup

Once you install the app you are just a click away to convert your product pages to AMP. No manual code setup, just click ‘Activate’.

shopify amp templates


Have a full control of the story widget on your store. Choose to publish it in a modern dark or classic light AMP layout design.

shopify stories analytics


Immediately get impressions and clicks of your products AMP pages. Use the DAshboard to view the top pages by clicks and views. 

Google is passionate about AMP web stories. You should be too.

Convert your product pages on autopilot
Show your products in a familiar format
Boost conversions on repeat​
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